Romans 5:6

When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Teacher's Wife

When I was in High School I was certain that I would marry someone in ministry.  I just knew that we would be a couple that would strive to influence many others for the Kingdom.

All of that became a reality.

I married a teacher.

I often think about how my perspective would differ had I not married a teacher.

What would daily conversations concerning our workday consist of? 
How would things at home shift if we were both in a “regular” 8 to 5 work place?

Neither of these questions matters because I did marry a teacher.

I married a teacher knowing that we would end up grading papers together after some of our date nights.

I married a teacher believing with everything in me that the Lord is constantly using him in influential ways that the organized church hasn’t even begun to function in yet.

I married a teacher knowing that he makes a difference.

As many of the surrounding school districts are celebrating “Teacher Appreciation Week” at their respective schools, I cannot help but to ponder what all I appreciate about the teacher that I am blessed to be married to.

Since teachers have different hours than the typical 8 to 5 workforce and they have summers off, many believe that this profession comes easier than others.

Please note, simply because a teacher is not in a classroom it does not mean that they have “clocked out” for the day.

When my sweet husband leaves the school building each day there are still some papers that need to be graded, phone calls from parents to take and emails to reply to.

People don’t become teachers because it’s easy.

People become teachers because compassion compels them.

When Christ followers become teachers it’s certainly for the purpose of Kingdom advancement.

Our government can regulate many things about our public school systems, but they cannot hinder the prayers that my sweet husband and I pray over his students and their families.

I married a teacher knowing that our dinner conversations and the “routine” how was your day convo would often revolve around difficultly with student.

Those conversations usually circle around the fact that the difficult student has and even more difficult home life.  This prompts me to even more prayer over his students. 

Have you ever thought of the possibility that as a teacher and a spouse of a teacher that you two may in fact be the only people praying over that child?

I married a teacher knowing that I would become attached to the lives of the students my husband is entrusted with each school year.  I knew that I would be ecstatic with every successful math grade and even more hopeful with every bad one. 

I married a teacher knowing that when in public, people would want to stop us to chat with him about curriculum, their child’s grade on the math test and what they can bring to the class party.

Being married to a teacher has revealed to me more profound levels of compassion and empathy that I thought possible.

For some students the only consistency that they experience is from their teacher. 

I wasn’t expecting that in marrying a teacher that I’d have conversations about how to just love on a child after their parent has committed suicide.

I wasn’t expecting that in marrying a teacher that I’d ever be faced with helping come up with words to address a class after something tragic has happened in our nation.

My sweet husband is there on Monday to talk to students who have witnessed a major fight between mom and dad over the weekend.  When they ask, “Do you think they are getting a divorce, Mr. Charlton?” I know he is relying on our sweet Savior to give him the words.

He is there to help them find the method to problem solving that works best for them, but more importantly he is there for students day in and day out who simply depend on him.

Today, I found out that my sweet man has been deemed teacher of the month.
When he told me he laughingly said, “You’re more excited than I am.”  I am so thrilled simply because I know how much he cares for the 50+ 4th grade boys he teaches each day.  I see how hard he works in order to help them become successful students. I see his heart behind his choice to become a teacher.

Teachers, as the school year comes to an end, know that you are making a difference!  State testing is around the corner.  You’ve done a great job…. Don’t sweat it!

You have been chosen to invest in the lives of students who desperately need to know that someone cares about them and to encourage family units to function as the Lord designed.

You have been chosen to cultivate within each student a sense of believing in himself or herself.

You have been chosen to make a difference.

I married a teacher and I’m so blessed that I did! You will forever be my favorite, Joseph!